Frequently Asked Questions

What does Next Level outsourcing do?

We’re a full service Virtual Agency geared to provide you the best Virtual Assistant that can finish your tasks and take your business to Next Level.

We have very strict hiring process as you can see from the screenshot below. We ensure we not only hire the best but also train them to be better in all aspects. When our team succeeds, we succeed.

We will introduce you to our top Virtual Assistants on a No Obligation Client Introduction Call and take your feedback

We use Trackabi for all Time/Screenshot monitoring purposes

Is there a setup fee?

There are no setup fees

What is included in the Monthly Fee?

  1. One Full Time (or Part Time Virtual Assistant) that is exclusively for you and your business
  2. Dedicated Campaign Manager
  3. Custom Dashboards for Telemarketing campaign similar to
  4. Time Tracking using Trackabi
  5. Daily supervision and management for your VA
  6. Performance based adjustments every week

What other resources do you use?

here are some of the categories of the resources and all the tools are found on

  • Hiring and Assessments
  • Organization
  • Scheduling
  • Communication
  • Tech tools
  • Project Management
  • Social Media
  • Time Keeping
  • Video Streaming and Editing
  • AI Copy writing tools
  • Virtual servers

Do you have testimonials?

What does it cost to hire?

If you’re just starting out, we’d recommend hiring a Part Time Virtual Assistant at $600/month. If you have the tasks/data for a full time assistant, it’s $1200/month.

For our outbound telemarketer, you’ll have to provide data and dialer software.

Are there any contracts?

NO. We do ask 7 days advance notice if you’re looking to pause or cancel the service. Please respect our Virtual Assistants as they do have to ear money and be employed. These 7 days will give us time to place them on another campaign.

What can you your Virtual Assistants do apart from Outbound Telemarketing?

Here’s a short list of 150 tasks:

What is ADA Compliance?

We have friends who are legally blind and love supporting them. All of our websites have American Disability Act Kits installed to make them friendly to browse. If you’re interested in one, just reach out. We’ll install it on your websites. FREE. LIFETIME.