NOO Script

Hi, is   Owner’s Name_____ there? My name is T.   I’m calling from the office of VON enterprises.
Your name came across my desk as someone who owns 123 main st. Are you planning on selling your property in the upcoming 1-2 months?

  1. If yes
    1. That’s great. Let’s move forward. What I will do is have my manager partner give you a call   give an appointment time & date 1 business day after___  
      1. If they ask about why the managing partner: “Basically my managing partner will look at the property’s value and run comps .”
    2. If they say the property is vacant or want to offer right away (need to schedule an on-site):
      1. The property is vacant: We would like to schedule an on-site appointment with my managing partner to take a look at the property. I will give you a call back to confirm the appointment, would   give an appointment time & date work?
        1. Why:We need to evaluate if there are any repairs needed and overall condition.
      2. Want an offer: We are more than happy to make you an offer, but first my managing partner will need to go on-site. I will give you a call back to confirm the appointment, would   give an appointment time & date work?
        1. If they say that we are unprepared, or we are wasting their time, then note their name down. After the end of the cold calling session. Send an e-mail to the managing partners of the lead(s) profile and any important information in regard to the lead(s).
  2. If no
    1. “That’s totally fine, would you be open for a follow-up call in 3 months.”
      1. If yes: “Great. Would   give an appointment time & date in 3 months work?”
      2. If no: “That’s fine.”
      3. Then make some causal talk either way and if possible, ask about the area, and/or ask if they know any other property owners who might need or want to sell.
      4. Always end the call with positively.
        1. “Thank you for time and
        2. “It was refreshing to talk to you and hope to talk to you again.”
        3.  “It was refreshing to talk to you and talk to you soon.”

Leaving a VM for “No answer” for NOO calls script

  1. Possibly a Home or Personal number:
    1. Hi, I’m calling for __   Owner’s Name_____ This is T.  from the office of VON enterprises. I was calling you to find out if you are planning on selling property’s street address in the upcoming 3-6 months? By the way we are not agents and hence there are no realtor commission involved.  Give us a call back at 202-899-4592, talk to you soon. Have a nice day.
  2. Possibly a Work number:
    1. DNC# and label in lead’s profile.
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