Virtual Assistants For Executives

Save time and money on tedious tasks.

Have reliable support at an affordable price.

Spend more time focusing on core business activities.

Get the flexibility of managing a virtual assistant in your own time zone.

Executives are extremely busy people – they not only have their own daily tasks to complete but also need to lead an organization. They must handle all areas of the business including finance, sales, marketing, operations, and human resources. This responsibility means that executives often don’t have enough time in the day for everything they need to accomplish. Hiring a virtual assistant will give executives the time they need to focus on growing their business without worrying about tedious tasks.

Start working with one of our qualified, experienced VA's today. We provide fast, reliable VAs to get your business started.

Delegate all the tasks that take away your focus and ensure that we are delivering our services with passion. We pride ourselves on being 100% reliable, available 24/7, and are always willing to go the extra mile to make you happy.

virtual assistant for executive

Delegate the Following Tasks to a Virtual Executive Assistant

Customer Communication

Whether you are looking for ways to increase your client base or decrease time spent managing current customers, our experienced virtual assistant can provide effective customer communication services.


Tired of the time it takes to sort through paperwork, track expenses, and file taxes? Our virtual assistant will manage all aspects of bookkeeping and handle tasks like data entry, recording invoices and statements, reconciling bank accounts, and tracking expenses.

Data Entry

Data Entry

Our reliable virtual assistant can handle a variety of data entry projects, including entering information from printed documents, scanning and forwarding documents for secure online storage, and reformatting existing data to fit your specific needs.

CRM management

CRM management

Our virtual assistants can assist with CRM management like building and managing detailed contact databases, entering new contacts into the database, scheduling appointments, tracking follow-ups, and much more.

Calendar Management

Calendar management

Our virtual assistants can help keep your day running smoothly by managing your calendar, setting reminders for important events and deadlines, scheduling appointments, and flagging upcoming tasks that need attention.

Travel arrangements

Our virtual assistants can take the hassle out of booking travel arrangements by researching and comparing rates, booking flights, arranging car rentals, reserving hotel rooms, booking event tickets, handling all communication with travel providers, and much more.

How NLO Virtual Assistant Service Works

Take your business to the next level with our qualified, experienced, well-trained, and dedicated Virtual Assistant.


Discovery Call

We will have a quick conversation about your business, your needs, the skills you are looking for in an assistant, and your expectations. We’ll also share information on our VAs so that you know what types of people work at Next  Level Outsourcing.


Meet Your VA

After the discovery call, we’ll review your needs and match you with a qualified virtual assistant. You will then be introduced to your VA  through an introductory call or email. We’ll also provide information like the VA’s schedule, availability, and rates.

Task Delegation


Start Delegating

Your assistant will contact you to schedule your first task, and they’ll work directly with you to help complete that task. As your business grows, we feel that it’s important for you to be comfortable and happy with your assistant. We’ll provide training and support as needed.

Want to increase your productivity and open up more time in your day?

 Then it’s time to hire a virtual assistant and say hello to peace and quiet.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is available 24*7

No need to provide office space, equipment like computers, printers, etc.

No need to find a parking place for the vehicle of your VAs.

You can pay on a per-task basis or you can also opt a monthly package that suits your business needs.

You can work from anywhere in the World and your business will not be affected by your location.

Annual cost of hiring a VAs is less than the Annual cost of an Employee + Office space.

Office Employee

Office employee is available only during business hours.

Office employees need office space, computers, and printers that cost extra money on your monthly budget.

You need to find a parking place for the vehicle of your office employees.

Office employees may not be available on a per-task basis.

You can't work from anywhere in the World and your business will be affected by it.

Annual cost of hiring an office employee + Office space is less than the Annual cost of a Virtual Assistant.

Check out what clients say

This company has been an amazing partner since the work they’ve done for me is basically lead generation and cold calling, but they have so many services they can assist you with and your company

Jack McPartland

eXp Realty

Very helpful. Will definitely continue working with the team. Helped me with a lot of stuff from lead generation to social media management for me!”

Rob Gill
Epic Financial Strategies

I have used NLO for about 5 months now. They always seems to get me at least one or two appointments every day. Will definitely continue working with them

Marcus Howard

Real Estate Investor

The best thing about working with Next Level is the communication before, during, and after the campaigns. I knew exactly what to expect and the reporting is stellar. Thank you

Parker Russo

InfinityX Team

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